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Apostle Stage Stage
Of the Tribe of Naphtali…

The Former Street Kid and soon to be announced President of the Republic of South Africa, and First President of AFRICA watch the space!!!

The presiding Apostle at The House Breakthroughs Apostolic and Prophetic International Ministries..

  • A Christian Psychologist
  • A life Coach and Solutionist
  • A Prophetic Profiler
  • A Prophet of God
  • A teacher and trainer
  • A father and husband
  • The Director of  Radio Disa FM 95.9
  • The Director of Mighty Man of Character The Deputy President of Godly
  • Governance Network The Director of IMPACT NETWORK Gauteng Province, The Marketing Director Nehemiah Bible Institute The C.E.O. Of Umqobozi HAMBA KAHLE Burial Transport Services.

As he is from the tribe of Naphtali, these are his characteristics:
Wants to achieve, he is very much ambitious, he is materially resourceful, he is conservative, inclined to follow or create rules,he is very responsible, he can lead others, he can be rigid, he finds it hard to relax, and he has a naturally Satirical sense of humor.

mountain-goatThe founder of Baalparizim Apostolic and Prophetic International Ministry, Residing in the beautiful city of CapeTown and Serving under a big global Vision of IMPACT Network. International Ministries of Prophetic and Apostolic Churches Coming Together. Under the Leadership of Apostle John Eckhardt.

Apostle Stage Stage together with his beautiful wife apostle Kgomotso Stage and four kids are building a strong family house of God in the earth as it is in heaven. They both believe that all families in the earth belongs to God, They believe in Restoration of the family of God, Their are addressing matters of Family enrichment, the inner transformation, deliverance, Identity, Capacity and Destiny.

We believe that The Next Big Thing is Coming From Africa. The Kingdom Mandate is God’s Apostolic Assignment from Generation to Generation.

The Eternal King and His Kingdom.

” Now into the King Eternal, Immortal, Invisible, the only wise God, be honor and glory ever and ever Amen”. 1 Timothy 1:17

Understanding Eternity is very crucial in our generation because our generation is plagued with so many things right now that are pulling us astray. According to the Scientific Studies Eternity is the unchanging present without beginning or end. It comprehends all the time and co-exists as undivided moment with all the successions of time as they appear and and pass in their order. Only God has attributes of Eternity. He who alone has no Immorality. He has no beginning and will have no end. Ps 90:2, Isaiah 43:13 and Ps 103:19.

Daniel 4:3 The Kingdom of God embraces all created Intelligence.

‘Both in heaven and earth that are willingly subject to The LORD are in fellowship with Him. The Kingdom of God is, therefore, Universal in it includes created angels and Man.’

We believe that a person’s fate or destiny can be described as unique and wholly personal thread Woven into the fabric of the Universe which God has created. Thus it is both interconnected with the destiny of many others yet also distinct unto itself, making its own unique contribution to the whole cloth.

When viewed from this perspective, it easy to see why a person’s destiny a single thread in the divine plan though equally as important as the whole, may be difficult to discern.
It is human nature to wonder about the greater meaning of life, both life in general and one’s own life in particular. Throughout the centuries human beings have gazed heaven ward and asked themselves, Why am I here? What is the purpose of my life?
Deep within us lies the certainty that there is something more to life and to ourselves a purpose that transcends the physical plane and gives our lives meaning in the context of a greater more beautiful whole.

Blessed is the Man who has a sense of the purpose of his life.
Our life purpose is meant to unfold and our understanding of it is to deepen, broaden, ripen with maturity and wisdom.
Pondering your life purpose is integral to finding and manifesting it.

We are the Kingdom advancers, the Touch bearers we seek to align the people of God back to God, through Prophetic Profiling, Strategic Prayers and Spiritual Warfare that brings Peace, Joy,Revival, Restoration, Visitation and habitation to our world starting from our beautiful city of CapeTown to the rest of the world.

We do this by raising up cunning or skilled warriors. we allow God to empower them and deploy them in various spheres of life in Politics, Business, Medical expects, legal expects, Science and Technology, Charted accounts, Architect, Diplomats, Education, health Arts and Entertainment religion and Great Community Leaders etc. These skills and expertise are gained as God, in His Sovereignty, places us in the Midst of a variety of battles of lives.

We declare blessed be the Lord, our Rock and our keen and firm strength, who teaches our hands to war and fingers to fight- our steadfast love and our fortress, our light tower and deliver, our shield and in whom we trust and take refuge, who subdues our people under us.( 2 Chronicles 26:14-16).

For more information please visit apostle Stage Stage website which is been activated this morning, www.apostlestagestage.co.za

Access the following schools every Friday night and online to those living outside CapeTown, We are starting on the second week February 2017….